course of study philosophy

Courses Offered

The Department offers B.A (Philosophy),M.A (Philosophy) courses and research programmes leading to M.Phil. and Ph.D in Philosophy.

Salient Features of the Course Content

The main aim of our course content is to provide our students with not only a foundational knowledge but also a broad and modern perspective of the different philosophical systems. Both Indian as well as Western philosophical systems are taught. Besides these, allied subjects like sociology, psychology, etc., help the students in not only acquiring a broad-based knowledge, but also to secure suitable jobs and to join diverse courses in higher education. An application oriented subject entitled “Applied Yoga” has been introduced, which is received enthusiastically by our undergraduate students.

The Department offers Logic – both Traditional as well as Modern Symbolic Logic – at the UG and PG levels. Symbolic Logic becomes the base for many scientific and technological courses. The optional papers on the Philosophy of Kant, Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Science are the other distinctive features of our PG course.

Many of the subjects offered by us at the UG and PG levels, especially, the papers on Logic, Sociology, Psychology and Political Philosophy, help our students to face the competitive examinations like UPSC, TNPSC, SLET and NET Examination of the UGC confidently and come out successfully.

Periodical review and revision of the syllabi with a view to keeping pace with the latest developments in the subject ensure that our course is one of the best at the International level. This is substantiated by the fact that the Buddhist Monasteries of Thailand send their monks every year to the Department to study M.A. Philosophy.


B.A (Philosophy)

List of papers and their Credits under the Autonomous Scheme
Class Semester Papers Subjects Credits
I B.A.  I  Major - I An Introduction to Philosophy 4
Major - II Greek Philosophy 4
Allied - 1 Principles of Sociology 4
I B.A. II Major - III Indian Philosophical Systems – I 4
Major - IV Western Ethical Theories 4
Allied 2 Study of Indian Society 4
  Environmental Studies 2
II B.A. III Major - V Logic & Scientific Methods – I 4
Major - VI Modern Western Philosophy 4
Allied - 3 Foundations of Psychology 4
II B.A. IV Major-VII Indian Philosophical Systems – II 4
Major-VIII Logic & Scientific Methods – II 4
Allied 3 Industrial Psychology 2
III B.A. V Major - IX Symbolic Logic 4
Major - X Recent Indian Thinkers 4
Major - XI An Introduction to German Philosophers 4
Major - XII Problems of Philosophy 4
Subject Optional - I Applied Yoga 4
III B.A. VI Major-XIII Logic for Computer Application 4
Major-XIV Saiva Siddhanta 4
Major-XV Applied Ethics 4
Major-XVI Ethics of Tirukkural 4
Subject Optional – II Religions of India 4
  Viveka Studies 2

M.A (Philosophy)

List of papers and their Credits under the Autonomous Scheme
Class Semester Papers Subjects Credits
I M.A.  I  Paper I Indian Theory of Knowledge 4
Paper II Indian Philosophy – I 4
Paper III Ethics 4
Paper IV Recent European Philosophy 4
Elective I Philosophy of Science 2
I M.A. II Paper V Western Logic 4
Paper VI Indian Philosophy – II 4
Paper VII Applied Ethics 4
Paper VIII Phenomenology & Existentialism 4
Elective II Industrial Psychology 2
II M.A. III Paper IX Political Philosophy 4
Paper X World Religion 4
Paper XI Kant’s Theory of Knowledge 4
Paper XII Indian Culture 4
Elective III Chinese Philosophy 2
II M.A. IV Paper XIII Contemporary Indian Philosophy 4
Paper XIV Philosophy of Education 4
Paper XV Symbolic Logic 4
Paper XVI Contemporary Trends in Western Philosophy 4
Elective IV Philosophy of Management 2
  Viveka Studies 2